15 photos show a US nuclear missile silo that for decades was ready to strike the Soviet Union at a moment’s notice

2019 02 02T215644Z_18594522_RC1218FFA6D0_RTRMADP_3_USA NUCLEAR RUSSIA.JPG

  • Visitors to the Titan missile museum in Arizona can sit at the now decommissioned controls of the intercontinental ballistic missile once built to attack Russia with devastating nuclear force.
  • The Titan II at this facility had a pre-set destination of “target 2” — a location that remains secret — and would have struck with a force 250 times that of both the US bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945.
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SAHUARITA, ARIZ. — The Titan II missile museum here is one of 54 former Titan II missile silos across the read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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