8 things ‘coasties’ get wrong about the Midwest, according to people who live there


  • Midwesterners are sick of people thinking their region is just corn and white people.
  • Nearly two dozen shared with Business Insider what they think “coasties” get wrong about the Midwest.
  • The most popular complaints: Don’t think all Midwesterners are farmers. And don’t call it “flyover country.”

Just as coastal folks might call the Midwest “flyover country,” Wisconsin native Wolfman said Midwesterners have their own slang to poke fun at those outside their region: “coasties.”

“A lot of ‘coasties’ think that there isn’t much out in the Plainstates, Heartland and Rustbelt,” Wolfman, who witheld his last name, told Business Insider.

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Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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