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A 250-foot ghost ship washed up on the shore of Ireland after going missing a year ago over 1,000 miles away — here’s why it was abandoned

MV Alta Ghost Ship from Storm Dennis in Ireland7

  • A ghost ship ushered in by Storm Dennis has been discovered in a coastal village in southern Ireland.
  • The 250-foot vessel was originally abandoned in 2018 following a power outage that left the crew of 10 stranded.
  • The crew was later rescued, but the ship remained abandoned, traveling alone over 1,000 miles for about 16 months before reaching its final destination in Ireland.
  • Cork County Council claims the wreck does not pose an environmental threat, although there are still sealed containers filled with oil and other materials on board that need to be removed in order to prevent any chance of pollution.
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    Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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