A photographer spent 7 years exploring the barren expanse of America’s highways and returned with stark photos documenting the difficult realities of life in the US

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  • Atlanta, Georgia-based photographer Josh Dudley Greer has spent the last seven years taking road-trips across America and photographing along the 46,876 mile-long Interstate Highway system.
  • Greer felt that exploring the Interstate Highway system, which he calls “a physical manifestation of our national character,” would give him the best understanding of what America is today. Along the way, he saw and captured many strange, beautiful moments that he calls “minor miracles.”
  • Greer has collected his years of work road-tripping and photographing America’s highways into “Somewhere Along The Line,” to be published early next year. He’s running a Kickstarter where people can <a target="_blank" read more >>>

    Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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