Come for the Border Run, Stay for the Food!


In case you hadn’t heard, Thailand is cheap. Like, dirt cheap. Like, $10-a-night-beachfront-hotel cheap, and $3-a-day-food-budget cheap. I’m not even joking. In fact, it’s so cheap here, we’ve been in the country for three months. Oh sure, it’s beautiful, what with the endless supply of secluded beaches, stunning waterfalls, and overflowing jungle. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But that sort of fades into the background after a few months. A few months made ridiculously affordable because… Thailand is cheap!

$4 pool day! Photos by Evo Terra of The Opportunistic Travelers.

Beyond budget planning (made simple in Thailand because cheap!), there’s the pesky read more >>>

Source : HuffingtonPost.Com

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