Delta put an 8-week-old puppy on multiple wrong flights while its owner was ignored by customer service (DAL)


  • Delta Air Lines sent an eight-week-old puppy on multiple incorrect flights Saturday.
  • The dog was returned to its owner, Josh Schlaich, on Sunday evening.
  • Schlaich described a frustrating experience with Delta‘s customer service representatives on Facebook.

Delta Air Lines sent an eight-week-old puppy, Ren, on multiple incorrect flights Saturday, leaving its owner, Josh Schlaich, in the dark for much of the day.

Schlaich had bought the dog from a breeder in Virginia, who put it on a Delta flight to Boise with a stopover in Minneapolis. Ren was supposed to arrive Saturday night, but didn’t reach Boise until Sunday evening after read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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