Hubbard, One of the World’s Few Advancing Glaciers: Cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage on the Looney Front, Part 6


We’re envelopped in impenetrable fog thicker than a London pea-souper and the Radiance of the Seas is blaring its foghorn every few minutes. Thank Gawd for radar. At this rate we’d be running smack into the Hubbard Glacier and doing a Titanic instead of just admiring its supposedly brilliant blue-hued full frontal pose.

Our welcome at the Hubbard Glacier

Named after Gardiner G. Hubbard, first president of the National Geographic Society, this gigantic ice cube stretches 76 miles from its source 11,000 feet up near Mt. Walsh, with a shorter tributary flowing down from 18,000 feet on the Logan Range. read more >>>

Source : HuffingtonPost.Com

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