I flew 13 hours nonstop on the world’s biggest passenger plane, the $446 million Airbus superjumbo jet, and it’s about as good as economy can get

EmiratesEconomy2 4x3

  • The Airbus A380 superjumbo is the largest and most expensive commercial airliner in history.
  • It once promised to revolutionize air travel with unprecedented luxury, but it turned out to be mostly a bust for Airbus.
  • The biggest A380 customer is Emirates Airlines, which operates 101 A380s and ordered an additional $16 billion worth of A380s in January.
  • I’d never flown on an Airbus A380 or on Emirates Airlines. On a recent trip to Dubai, I decided to try them both out with an economy-class ticket for the 13-hour flight from New York to Dubai.

The Airbus A380 was supposed to be read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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