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I Just Visited New Delhi (India) Twice – And no “Delhi Belly” For me!


The northern Indian city of Delhi (New and Old) has many reputations, and one of them has to do with foreign visitors’ stomachs. The definition of the Delhi Belly is an informal term for the common intestinal infection suffered by tourists unaccustomed to the local bacterial contamination of food and drink.

It’s not a legend, it’s a fact. Many people get very very sick from the food they eat there, but a few precautions easily taken can prevent this – it worked for me.

The problem is in the water. DO NOT EVER drink water that is not in a sealed mineral read more >>>

Source : <a href= target="_blank" title="I Just Visited New Delhi (India) Twice – And no “Delhi Belly” For me!” >HuffingtonPost.Com

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