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I road-tripped through Southern Italy and lingered over high tea in London for about $2,000 — here’s how I did it

tori dunlap in italy

  • To celebrate a major money goal — saving $100,000 before age 25 — I recently took a 10-day trip to Italy and London with my best friend.
  • We road tripped, visited a family farm, and ate the best meals of our lives.
  • In total, it cost me about $2,100 for our all of our transportation, food, entertainment, and Airbnb costs.
  • personal finance coverage.

I recently traveled to London and Southern Italy with my best friend, and it was my first vacation longer than a few days in over two years. What better way to celebrate saving $100,000 at 25 read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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