I took 2,000 photos during a 5-day safari in Tanzania, and 1 of those photos is an important reality check for anyone thinking about going on a safari

Safari African_Animal_Tanzania_Serengeti (35 of 57)

  • Africa’s best-known safari destination is the Serengeti, 12,000 miles of grasslands, forests, swamps, and woodlands teeming with wildlife.
  • Eighty percent of tourists to Tanzania visit the Northern Circuit, where the Serengeti is located. During peak season the parks are flooded with safari jeeps.
  • That meant that any time there was something spectacular happening — like a pride of lions feeding — the area was swarmed with other tourists. The crowd sometimes scared off the wildlife.

Going on safari is about taking a journey into nature; “safari” is the Swahili word for journey. But, if you thought that would mean you’ll read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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