I toured an Upper East Side members club for women that costs $3,300 a year, has a strict no-kids policy, and is stocked with $45 CBD gumdrops. Here’s a look inside.

Maison Upper East Side Moms' Club - Kitchen ES Short

  • Maison is a members-only women’s club on the Upper East Side designed with mothers in mind.
  • Founded by fashion blogger Ashley Wu, it opened in February 2019 and features a kitchen, workspaces, and a library designed to feel like your best friend’s home.
  • Annual membership is $3,300, plus a $275 initiation fee. Maison events include non-toxic manicures, guided meditation, and “lunch-and-learns” on career development and parenting.
  • I had the chance to tour the space during Open House New York weekend, during which a handful of members-only spaces throughout New York open to the public.
  • I spent one very chic read more >>>

    Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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