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Inside war-torn Yemen’s ancient skyscraper city, dubbed the ‘Manhattan of the desert,’ that’s on the brink of ruin

View of the historical city of Shibam in southeastern Yemen.

  • Shibam in Yemen is an ancient, desert city.
  • Originally settled 1,700 years ago, it’s the world’s first city of skyscrapers. Many of the buildings, built from mud bricks, date back to the 16th century.
  • As Yemen struggles with a violent civil war between the government and Houthi rebels, Shibam’s future is uncertain.
  • The war has been going on for five years, resulting in 6,000 deaths and putting 22 million people in a position where they need assistance — for food, water, shelter, or sanitation.
  • For Shibam, things have been tenuous since 2008. Flooding, terrorist attacks, the Arab Spring Revolt, and the civil read more >>>

    Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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