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Let These Amazing Award Winning Panoramic Photos Envelop You

A six shot panorama image of the Himalayas won this year’s EPSON International Pano Awards.

The stunning photo, titled “The Ice Prison,” was taken by Max Rive of the Netherlands.

Now in it’s sixth year, the competition celebrates beautiful achievements in panoramic photography. More than a thousand professional and amateur photographers from 60 countries sent in 4345 entries combined.

ImageContent(562a493ce4b0aac0b8fc95a4,562a3ac71400002200c7aad2,Image,HectorAssetUrl(562a3ac71400002200c7aad2.jpeg,Some(),Some(jpeg)),Max Rive/The EPSON International Pano Awards,”The Ice Prison,” Himalayas)

Mateusz Piesiak’s of Poland won the amateur competition with his long exposure panorama of egrets in a pond titled “Phantoms of the Morning.”

ImageContent(562a493ce4b0aac0b8fc95a6,562a3e871900002e00b94b77,Image,HectorAssetUrl(562a3e871900002e00b94b77.jpeg,Some(),Some(jpeg)),Mateusz Piesiak/The EPSON International Pano Awards,”Phantoms read more >>>

Source : HuffingtonPost.Com


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