Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for Facebook sounds a lot like China, where I couldn’t buy a cup of coffee without the app that dominates people’s lives there

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  • Mark Zuckerberg has laid out a vision of how Facebook services will become the backbone for the way people live online, Business Insider’s Shona Ghosh writes.
  • Zuckerberg’s vision for Facebook is uncannily similar to how the WeChat app dominates modern life in China, serving a variety of functions from messaging, social networking, and e-commerce to taxi-hailing, bike-sharing and travel booking.
  • Over six weeks in China, I saw WeChat’s ubiquity firsthand, where to get anything done — from paying for a coffee to making plans with business acquaintances to buying a train ticket — life is infinitely easier with the read more >>>

    Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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