Pay Dirt or Fool’s Gold? Panning in Fairbanks: To Denali and Fairbanks on the Looney Front, Part 4


Yes, we’re panning for gold at Gold Dredge 8 just outside Fairbanks, and Yours Truly of course is doing it all wrong. They keep on coming over to show me how to shake the pan once I’ve got water in it. It seems I’m using a self-pleasuring motion instead of a full-blooded hearty to-and-fro swing.

I’m not separating the useless dross from the precious dust properly, I’m not rubbing the pebbles properly before discarding them, I’m not doing anything properly.

Tourist gold panning in Fairbanks

At my side Rivka, of course, is having the time of her life, shaking the pan just read more >>>

Source : HuffingtonPost.Com

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