The CEO of a luxury brand that has 5-star hotels around the world explains why Miami is a better city to invest in than New York City in 2020

Miami Florida Real Estate

  • Vladislav Doronin is the chairman of real-estate development firm OKO Group and CEO of Aman Resorts, the luxury resort brand famous for its wellness offerings and celebrity guests.
  • Doronin is building a luxury hotel, several luxury residential towers, and an office building in Miami, as well as a hotel and condos in New York City.
  • Of those two cities, Doronin says there’s one that’s a better bet for real-estate investments in 2020: Miami.
  • Miami’s tax incentives, rapid growth, and quality of life make it more attractive for real-estate investment than New York City right now, he says.
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    Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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