The CEO of Europe’s largest airline explains how his company is thriving in the world’s toughest airline market

Lufthansa Staff CEO

  • Lufthansa Group had the best year in company history in 2017.
  • Profits surged more than 33% to $2.74 billion and operating cash flow jumped more than 55% to $5.8 billion year over year.
  • Lufthansa Group operates using a multi-brand strategy with more than half a dozen airlines in the portfolio.
  • According to CEO Carsten Spohr, the secret to the strategy’s success is to take advantage of the synergies of having a large conglomerate while differentiating the brands to avoid cannibalizing business.

Lufthansa Group had a historic year in 2017. The German aviation conglomerate saw profits read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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