The risk of traveling to every country in Asia, according to the US State Department

Tourists are welcomed by two Sri Lankan girls as they disembark from MS Europa 2 cruise ship at the main port in Colombo

  • Before touring around Asia, it’s worth making sure every place on your list of destinations is safe or, at least, worth the risk.
  • The US State Department ranks countries as levels 1 through 4, from least dangerous to most dangerous.
  • Twenty-four countries in Asia are designated Level 1 (least dangerous), 14 are at Level 2, three are at Level 3, and six are at Level 4 (most dangerous).
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Traveling to Asia might be a good, cheap way to get off the beaten track, try different foods, and experience different cultures. But it’s worth checking the US State read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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