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These 2 architects repurposed an old lifeboat and are using it to explore the Arctic with their dog — check out photos of their incredible adventure


  • Architects Guylee Simmonds and David Schnabel are exploring the Arctic on a refurbished lifeboat.
  • They spent a year redesigning the boat to make it a “supreme adventure craft.”
  • Now, they’re spending the winter in Tromsø, Norway, and they hope to release a film about their journey this year.
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Two architects and their canine sidekick are on the adventure of a lifetime.

Guylee Simmonds and David Schnabel spent a year refurbishing a rescue lifeboat, and making it into the ideal homebase for an adventure. In May 2019, they took off from a British port and headed read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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