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Why James Cameron is arguing with a fellow millionaire about who dove to the deepest point in the ocean

Director James Cameron on stage with Deepsea Challenger at California Science Center on June 1, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

  • In September, film director James Cameron contacted The New York Times, disgruntled by a declaration made by millionaire adventurer Victor Vescovo, that claimed he had completed the deepest submarine dive in history.
  • Vescovo had dived down to the Mariana Trench, off the coast of Guam — the same area Cameron had dived down to seven years earlier.
  • What irked Cameron was that the area is flat, according to what he and another expedition both saw, meaning it should have been impossible to go any deeper.
  • Yet Vescovo was claiming he’d gone 52 feet deeper.
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Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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