5/03/1976: Pan Am’s round-the-world Record-setting Flight

DALLAS – Today in Aviation, Pan Am’s Boeing 747SP–21 ‘Clipper Liberty Bell’ completed a record-setting flight around the world in 1976.

On May 1, N533PA took off from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) on a world-record-breaking round-the-world flight. The flight crew included co-pilots Albert A. Frink and Lyman G. Watt, as well as flight engineers Frank Cassaniti and Edwards Shields, and was led by Captain Walter H. Mullikan, the airline’s chief pilot. The aircraft had a total of 98 passengers on board.

The flight lasted 46 hrs and 1 sec. The actual flight took 39 hrs, 25 min, and 53 read more ⇒

Source:: “Airways Magazine”

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