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6/19/1894: Frederick W. Lanchester Presents Airflow Theory

DALLAS – Today in Aviation, English Polymath and Engineer Frederick W. Lanchester presented his theory of circulatory airflow to the Birmingham Natural History and Philosophical Society in 1894.

The theory would later become pivotal in aerodynamics and modern aerofoil theory. 

Lanchester was born on October 23, 1868, in Lewisham, London. After completing his education, Lanchester developed an interest in engineering. 

Lanchester’s notebook. Photo: Lanchester Interactive Archive.

Nautics to Aeronautics

His idea of circulatory airflow was born during a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. Lanchester studied the herring gulls that followed the ocean liner during the long days at sea. read more ⇒

Source:: “Airways Magazine”

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