8/15/1958: Pan Am Received the First Boeing 707

Other Variants

Pan Am also operated the -300 series, as well as the smaller 720. It introduced the 707-300 in 1959, and the jet helped the airline become the leader in transatlantic air travel. Nine 720Bs would be operated between 1963 and 1974, predominately used for the Caribbean and Latin American routes.

Featured Image: Pan Am introduced the 707-120 on October 26, 1958. Photo:

DALLAS – Today in Aviation, Pan American World Airways (PA) received the first commercial jet airliner in the United States when Boeing handed over the first 707-120 in 1958.

The historic handover of the maiden jet, appropriately registered N707PA ‘Jet Clipper America,’ heralded the beginning of the ‘Jet Age’ and followed many months of work between the American airline and plane maker.

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First Lady Eisenhower christens the Pan Am 707. Photo: Pan Am Historical Foundation

Boeing vs. Douglas

Pan Am’s Chairman Juan Trippe had placed an order for 20 707s, along read more ⇒

Source:: “Airways Magazine”

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