Air New Zealand’s Future Of Flight Is Stunning

Business Class Mockup

“And one of the tough requirements was we had to create a seat experience that delivered much more privacy, technology, and storage but you weren’t allowed to take up any more space than the current product. That was tough to do, but we’ve achieved it.”

“So I think we’ve got a seat in partnership with Safran now that I think is the most optimized business class product by far in the market for a 787”

Air New Zealand’s chief executive officer Greg Foran (right) and Chief customer and sales officer Leanne Geraghty in the mockup of the Business Premier Luxe product.

In fact, Safran is going to show the Air New Zealand 787 business suite at the next interiors Expo in Hamburg in June.

The Business Premier Luxe suite at the front of the Business cabin is bigger and allows for a companion to join you for dinner. Depending on the 787 configurations there will be four or eight of the Luxe suites.

Air New Zealand has also retained its superb – and thick – mattress which sets it apart from any other airline in the comfort stakes.

The airline has also updated its premium economy.

“So we’ve gone to what I’d describe as a combination of the best of the old space seats that we had, with the privacy of a fixed living space. We’ve looked at the best of both worlds and said, how do we make sure that it’s easy and intuitive to use, but it delivers the best space, layout, storage and privacy that customers want as well?, said Mr Reeves.

The Zim Privacy seat is a modification of that installed on Lufthansa.

We decided it looked a little bit cold and sharp, and not so comforting. So we spent a lot of time with the aesthetics and the comfort and improving that. And ZIM has asked if we can let them have our seat on their stand in Hamburg.”

Geoffrey Thomas tries out the new Premium Economy seat.

The seat has a fixed back which limits the recline but only by a couple of degrees but has the huge advantage of your space not being invaded by the passenger in front. Also with a seat pitch of 41 inches, there is plenty of room, and more than most airlines.

The Premium Economy cabin comes with its own dedicated toilets and pantry.

Kerry Reeves in the new Premium Economy seat.

Possibly the most startling feature is the SkyNest which will be available for Premium Economy and Economy passengers.

Mr Reeves explains that the airline is “getting well into the engineering and we are making a new mockup out of the actual materials that will be production representative, to refine the last parts of the design and the features. But essentially, the experience of being in this one will be similar to what it is in the new one, The bed length is the same as business class, so around 203cm and the mattress uses memory foam.

The experience is amazing and when you pull the curtain across you actually don’t know where you are and lose all sense of the fact that you are in an aircraft. You just feel cocooned somewhere.

Mr Reeves said that during testing some of the subjects fell asleep during the middle of the day.

Air New Zealand’s offering to be rolled out late next year is divided into seven products or subproducts.

Business Premier Luxe

This class combines the new Business Premier suite with closing doors for privacy and there is more space and enough to have dinner with a companion.

Business Premier

A new suite for business class travellers (above) with all the latest refinements for storage and comfort

Premium Economy

The airline’s premium economy was the industry’s best and it’s about to get better with more privacy and protected space where you can recline at leisure without interrupting the person behind.

Economy Skynest

When it’s time to swap the headrest for some bedrest you can book some horizontal time in this six-bed pod. It is available for premium economy and economy travellers.

Economy Skycouch

The airline’s award-winning Skycouch (below) is a sensational product and perfect for couples or parents with children.

Economy Stretch

As the name suggests – more room to stretch with the seat pitch of 35 inches (89cm) rather than the usual 31 to 32 inches (79-81.5cm)

Economy seat

The airline is adding an enhanced economy seat with more storage, comfort and space and a 50 per cent bigger screen for entertainment (below). Connect to Bluetooth audio and pair your device to act as a remote control or second screen.

The eight 787-9 Dreamliners arriving from 2024 and retrofitted current 787-9 fleet will have either eight or four Business Premier Luxe seats, 42 or 22 Business Premier, 52 or 33 Premium Economy, 125 or 213 Economy seats, and specifically on the ultra-long-haul aircraft, six Skynest sleep pods.

The post

Air New Zealand’s future of flight is stunning and it’s only 18 months away for the airline’s long-haul services.

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More choice and more comfort than any other airline regardless of which class you fly is promised from its next batch of Boeing 787-9s to be delivered in 2024.

This choice includes Skynest (above), the world’s first sleep pods in the sky for economy travellers. visited the airline’s Hangar 22 in Auckland to get an update on progress.

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