Geoffrey Thomas Walks Through The E195-E2

At the Dubai Air Show Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas gives us a glimpse of the Embraer E195-E2 jet that is perfect for regional routes.

The E-Jet E2 family had been built on the first generation E-Jet, its wing is redesigned, and it introduces new pylons, landing gear, horizontal stabilizers, cabin, cabin air system, air cycle machine, bleed air system, and a new fly-by-wire system.

It can carry about 110 in a comfortable configuration out to almost 5,000km.

<iframe title="Geoffrey Thomas E195-E2 walk through" width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-scripts read more ⇒

Source:: AirlineRatings.Com

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