MH370 Expert Slams New Netflix Series

Mr Gibson with some of the MH370 debris
Mr Gibson with some of the MH370 debris

“I declined to change my decision or discuss my decision with the Series Producer Harry Hewland. I note that Oliver Plunkett and Ocean Infinity also declined to be interviewed for the Netflix documentary series,” Mr Godfrey said.

“The entire narrative is determined by Jeff Wise and Florence de Changy simply in order to sell their books for their own personal gain. In the process, Wise and Changy tread on Mark Dickinson and his colleagues at Inmarsat and falsely accuse them of manipulating or fabricating the satellite data. In the process, Wise and Changy tread on Blaine Gibson (above) and falsely accuse him of planting debris and being a Russian agent.

“For 2 minutes 44 at the end of the documentary Mark Dickinson and Blaine Gibson are allowed a right of reply supported by Mike Exner of the Independent Group and Peter Foley formerly of the ATSB.

“Mike Exner states: “Oh boy! I am just reluctant to talk about Florence or Jeff or these conspiracy advocates, they are just such a distraction.” … “These are people who do not understand the facts and the data.”

Mark Dickinson states: “The accusations that somehow Inmarsat fabricated or manipulated the data are simply wrong. The data is the data. I don’t understand why anyone would think that we wanted to change or manipulate any data associated with this. It is not who we are and to choose things differently I find hurtful and yeah it impacts me.”

Blaine Gibson states: “The theory that the plane was shot down in the South China Sea … basically denies all the evidence.” … “They seem to be losing objectivity and that’s sad.”

Peter Foley states: “At the risk of sounding flippant, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has got one. Um … Cut that, please. But it is true.”

This narrative is not worthy of a premier streaming service and one of the leading streaming service companies in the world. The Netflix documentary series is specious, inaccurate, malicious towards Dickinson and Gibson, hurtful to the next of kin and misleading to the general public.

Jeff Wise speculates it was the Russians:
1. The Inmarsat data was manipulated or fabricated.
2. The debris recovered in the Indian Ocean was planted.
3. All the radar systems en route to Kazakstan failed to detect MH370.

Florence de Changy speculates and fantasises it was the Americans:
1. The Malaysian military and civilian primary radar showing an air turnback over Malaysia is wrong.
2. Copilot’s mobile phone was not detected over Penang.
3. The Inmarsat data was manipulated or fabricated.
4. The debris recovered in the Indian Ocean was planted.
5. Two USAF AWACS planes jam all MH370 communications and then shoot down MH370.

The Netflix documentary series presents 3 theories:
1. Murder/Suicide by Captain Zaharie Shah.
2. Hijack by Russian Agents (Jeff Wise).
3. Intercept by USAF AWACS (Florence de Changy).

The official Malaysian investigation and report, Malaysian Airlines colleagues like Fuad Sharuji and Intan Othman, journalists like Jeff Wise, Florence de Changy, and next of kin like Ghyslain Wattrelos and Grace Nathan all exonerate Captain Zaharie Shah, so theory number one is ruled out.

Mr Godfrey refutes the other two theories thus:

“Jeff Wise then presents his Hijack theory by Russian agents to Kazakhstan. No suicide pilot flew for 6 hours before ending his life before. MH17 is not a coincidence. The Russians caused both the MH370 and MH17 events. The plane is not where it is supposed to be after an exhaustive search. There is no evidence presented to support this theory except that a hijacker in full view of other passengers entered the main equipment centre (MEC) via a door under the carpet in the forward service area. You cannot plug in to the Airplane Information Management System (AIMS) computer in the MEC and fly the aircraft remotely. AIMS uses four ARINC 629 buses to transfer information. There are 2 cabinets on each plane (left and right). The ARINC 629 bus operates as a multiple-source, multiple-sink system; each terminal can transmit data to, and receive data from, every other terminal on the data bus. This allows much more freedom in the exchange of data between units in the avionics system but makes it impossible to connect to any part of the system and take over the entire operation of the aircraft remotely. In addition, the Inmarsat Satellite Data Unit is not housed in the MEC but in an overhead locker in the aft cabin. Jeff Wise’s theory number two is ruled out because 39 items of floating debris have been by 28 different people in the southern Indian Ocean. Jeff Wise lies about the reason he was kicked out of the Independent Group (IG). It was not because he disagreed with the IG, it was because he stole all our data and published it in a book for his own financial gain.

“Florence de Changy then presents her USAF intercept and shooting down of MH370 theory. Cyndy Hendry knows MH370 is in the South China Sea because she found a picture of the aircraft debris in the Tomnod satellite imagery. Ghyslain Wattrelos agrees it is the Americans and “Mr B” told him in an underground car park that MH370 was intercepted by two USAF AWACS aircraft. The FBI has never released the full data found on the home simulator of Captain Zaharie Shah. MH370 did not turn back over Malaysia and the Malaysian military and civilian radar sources are wrong. The co-pilot’s mobile was not detected over Penang. The Inmarsat data has been fabricated or manipulated. The recovered debris is not from MH370. Florence de Changy states these are aircraft parts from a junk yard with name plates removed and ignores the fact that 8 items have been identified from MH370 with a part number, 6 with a stencil mark, 4 with Malaysian Airlines System materials, laminates and livery as well as 5 with conformity to Boeing 777-200ER drawings and specifications. Florence de Changy does not have one item of debris from MH370 found in the South China Sea. Florence de Changy’s theory number three is ruled out because we have the raw civilian radar data showing a turn back over Malaysia, we have the mobile phone records showing the Copilot’s mobile phone detection over Penang, we have the Inmarsat raw satellite data log and we have the physical evidence of the MH370 floating debris found by 28 different people on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

“All three theories are ruled out and the conclusion of the Netflix documentary is we will never know the truth.”

Mr Godfrey states that “I believe that one day the truth will come out and MH370 will be found.”

about Mr Godfrey’s amazing work tracking MH370 here.

The post

MH370 tracking expert Richard Godfrey has slammed the new Netflix documentary series on MH370 saying it’s “full of misinformation and disinformation.”

The series is called Netflix’s MH370: The Plane That Disappeared, and is in three parts.

Mr Richard Godfrey who has refined the tracing technology WSPR said on this website that the “key message is there was a massive cover-up, the debris was planted and the satellite data manipulated or fabricated and the truth will never come out.”

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