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Scientists have made artisan vodka from contaminated grain grown in Chernobyl’s radioactive exclusion zone

Atomik vodka in packaging

  • A team of scientists has created vodka from rye grain grown within the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
  • “Atomik” vodka is the first consumer product to be made within the exclusion zone.
  • Professor Jim Smith from the University of Portsmouth in the UK and a team of researchers made vodka because the distillation process removes radioactive impurities.
  • “This is no more radioactive than any other vodka,” Smith told the BBC.
  • 75% of the profits will go back to communities affected by the disaster.
  • So far, only one bottle of Atomik vodka exists, but the team are hoping to release 500 bottles this year
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    Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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