South Korea is bracing for a spike in coronavirus cases after a ‘super-spreader’ event occurred at a church ‘cult’

Church Daegu South Korea coronavirus quarantine

  • The number of coronavirus patients in South Korea has jumped to 104 as of Thursday, and one person has died, as two large clusters of cases have been exposed.
  • A 61-year-old woman, who is a member of the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, is believed to be a “super-spreader” that may have infected at least 43 people.
  • A branch of the controversial Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple is viewed by many as a cult or fringe religious sect, though church leaders deny the accusations of being the “main culprit” in South Korea’s coronavirus outbreak.
  • Fifteen people have also been read more >>>

    Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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