Stellar Year For Airbus With Record Sales & Backlog

Airbus has had a stellar year delivering 735 commercial aircraft to 87 customers worldwide in 2023, while registering 2,319 gross new orders (2,094 net).

As a result, its 2023 year-end backlog stood at a staggering 8,598 aircraft.

In perspective, the Airbus backlog is greater than all the commercial aircraft built by the famous Douglas Aircraft from 1932 to 1997. Douglas built 192 DC-2, 607 DC-3s, 80 DC-4s, 704 DC-6s, 338 DC-7s, 556 DC-8s, 976 DC-9s 1191 MD80, 116 MD90s, 156, MD95s, 446 DC-10s and just 200 MD11s for a total of 5562.

Douglas built over 10,000 DC-3s for the military and read more ⇒

Source:: AirlineRatings.Com

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