Ten Best Aircraft Cabin Innovations This Century

Cabin Innovations

The great innovation by Air New Zealand to design and install the Skycouch was outstanding. The skycouch takes three economy class seats and turns them into a bed. Brilliant!

Premium Economy:

lufthansa premium economy

Yes, it has been around since the 1990s but it’s only since 2000 that it’s been adopted far and wide by airlines such as Qantas, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Lufthansa to name but a few.

A380 Bar and Lounge:


Emirates led the way with the bar/lounge concept on the A380 in 2008. Qatar Airways also has a lounge and bar but most A380 operators elected to give the idea a pass.

A380 Shower

Emirates is the only airline to offer showers on the A380 for their First Class passengers. Amazing experience and great use of the space.

In-Flight Entertainment

Top Twenty Airlines

In-Flight Entertainment dates way back to the 1920s and 30s with radios but since 2000 it has morphed from eight movie channels to thousands of options. Leading the way have been Singapore Airlines and Emirates, with Qatar Airways (Oryx) and Etihad Airways as major players in this space.

Economy Beds

Skynest economu Air New Zealand sleep pods
Photo: Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has led the way again unveiling the Skynest beds for economy and premium economy passengers on its Boeing 787s from 2024.

Sky Interior

Boeing’s Sky Interior for its 737 has made a radical difference to the look and feel of the cabin of this narrowbody jet giving passengers a more pleasant experience.



Airbus followed Boeing’s Sky Interior with its Airspace interior design which it incorporated into its A320, A330 and A350 designs.

Business Class Suites

While flatbeds were introduced by some airlines into business class in the 1990s it was not till well after 2000 that the first business class suites evolved giving premium passengers private space and workspace.

These suites have proved immensely popular with travellers.

The post

These are the ten best aircraft cabin innovations this century according to our AirlineRatings.com editors.

We have looked carefully at the things that really matter to passengers and have made flying more comfortable.

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The ten best are;


Qatar Airways’ business class suite, pictured above, is a standout and the best in its class and has won numerous awards. read more ⇒

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