This $3.3 million yacht is powered by solar panels that allow it to cruise around forever without refueling — see inside

SY64   A   Bow 1

  • Serenity Yachts just released two models for solar-powered yachts.
  • The boats were unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show in February.
  • The Serenity 64 costs $3.3 million, and the Serenity 74, which is in production, will cost $5.5 million.
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Nearly everything is getting a sustainable makeover, even luxury yachts, apparently. Grand Cayman-based Serenity Yachts just showed off two of their new designs for solar-powered yachts at the Miami International Boat show.

The Serenity 64 and Serenity 74 will go for $3.3 million and $5.5 million, respectively. So far, two of the 64 have been produced, while read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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