Volga Dnepr AN-124 Runway Excursion: Aircraft Seen Towed by Russian Tanks

LONDON – The Volga Dnepr Antonov AN-124-100 that suffered a runway excursion at Novosibirsk-Tolmachevo Airport (OVB) earlier this month has been filmed being towed by Russian tanks.

Pulling the crashed AN-124 out of the snow from r/aviation

The footage was first discovered via the Aviation section on Reddit where the aircraft was impressively towed by at least two Russian tanks.

Reports state that the aircraft, registration RA-82042, had suffered an uncontained engine failure in engine 2 during takeoff. Engine parts punctured the fuselage, and parts were found even in a nearby hangar. FlightRadar24 reports that the ADS-B read more ⇒

Source:: “Airways Magazine”

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