8/21/1985: Sir Freddie Laker-British Airways US$8m Settlement

DALLAS – Today in Aviation, Sir Freddie Laker accepts a US$8m out-of-court settlement from British Airways (BA) in 1985. The aviation entrepreneur had claimed that BA, amongst others, had tried to drive his airline out of business.

The original pioneer of low-cost trans-Atlantic flights, Sir Freddie created his airline Laker Airways (GK) in 1966.

Laker Airways started life in 1966 with a pair of Bristol Britannia-102s sourced from BOAC. Photo: Ken Fielding, via Wikimedia Commons

Bold Ambitions

Initially, short-haul charter flights were operated from its London Gatwick (LGW) base. But Sir Freddie had bold ambitions. On read more ⇒

Source:: “Airways Magazine”

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