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Airlines are nuts not to bring back A380s says Emirates chief

Emirates Premium Economy

What role in the recovery will your new Premium Economy Class play?

With the last A380s coming we will have six of them with the new cabin (above). They will probably run on routes like to London and Sydney. But we want to get Premium Economy into the fleet as quickly as possible. The new aircraft, 777-9, 787, A350 are all coming with it. To get the new cabin in by retrofitting doesn’t take long, maybe four days. One of the reasons we decided to retrofit was the delay of new aircraft coming in out of Boeing. We will start converting probably sometime next year, A380s and 777s at the same time possibly. We are looking to do it in Dubai, but there are all sorts of people ready to help out, quite hungry. We got to do 124 aircraft, as we are not doing it on aircraft returned to lessors, but it’s not happening overnight. Much of it will depend on how the timeline for deliveries of the new aircraft looks like. At the moment the first crack is a 124, going up to 192 in the most optimistic scenario, a mix of 777-300ERs and A380s. Currently, we have 118 A380s, three more are coming this year, two are out: The one first delivered to us is currently dismantled in Dubai World Central, another one it Tarbes, taken back by Airbus.

What do you want to convey to Airbus at the end of the A380 program?

It’s very interesting: Airbus said we don’t do celebrations for the retirement, we could put an A350-1000 next door – this is the future, this the past. I said to Guillaume Faury: This thing has got real life and legs for us, this is not a funeral, just the last of these great airplanes. Faury is one of the new brooms, he wants to be part of the future, not the past, and I don’t blame him. We want to make it something special. I said if you are not going to do it, we are doing it anyway. We want to invite media and other guys and take them from Finkenwerder to Dubai like on the first delivery in 2008.  And we will fly the A380 until the mid-2030s, so we got 14-15 years before we retire them. That’s of course not a long life cycle for an aircraft newly delivered now, usually, you got 20-25 years and we’ve seen BA’s 747-400s flying 30 years.

Why was there so much back and forth with the dates of the last A380 delivery to Emirates?

Ask Airbus! We’ve had enough of it, it keeps slipping from September to October and now I aim to take the last aircraft on December 10th from Finkenwerder to Dubai. And I don’t know how the last A380 they ever produced can be late! It is very strange. We told them if you don’t give it to us by that date you can keep it to the summer of next year, as May 2022 was originally the date set for the last delivery, but then Airbus asked us to take it earlier and we obliged.

Emirates First Class Cabin

The post

In an exclusive interview Emirates chief Sir Tim Clark says more airlines will bring back the A380 adding they would be nuts not to.

QuestionRight now we see almost an unexpected renaissance of the A380 even with carriers that had dumped it already like Qatar, is that going to last?

Sir Tim: Those aircraft will come back as simply demand is so strong now, and certainly for the next 18 months or two years the A380s will come into their own where they can be flown. More carriers will reactivate their A380s, they’d be nuts not to because they got to deal with read more ⇒

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