An official leading South Korea’s battle against COVID-19 says he’s a member of a doomsday cult where a virus ‘super-spreader’ event occurred

In this Feb. 14, 2020, photo, a woman wearing a face mask walks on a almost empty street at the Chinatown in Incheon, South Korea. Even as cases and deaths from the new virus mount, fear is advancing like a tsunami - and not just in the areas surrounding the Chinese city of Wuhan, the center of the outbreak that has been declared a global health emergency. A restaurant owner in the Chinatown says visitors have dropped by 90%. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

For its part, the Temple issued a statement asking critics to stop hurling “hatred and groundless accusations at them,” since its members, like others who have been sickened, were “victims of the disease which originated in China and was transmitted to this country.”

But people say that the information provided by Shincheonji doesn’t include its “bible study rooms” and “undercover churches,” where people sit so closely packed together that they can rub shoulders with one another while praying.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said the emergence of so many coronavirus cases centered on the church had led to a “completely new situation” in the nation’s fight to control the spread of the disease, the Post reported.

South Korea didn’t enforce strict travel restrictions in the early stages of the epidemic

Officials have faced backlash for not enforcing more stringent restrictions and only stopping travelers from Hubei province in China from entering South Korea. This could have enabled people who picked up the infection elsewhere to enter the country without any hassle.

“It is like claiming that the gatekeeping is being done well without knowing that your back door is still left open,” Dr. Lee Hoanjong, a professor at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital, told the Post.

“Medical staff and health infrastructure in Daegu are now being stretched to a breaking point. If we have another Daegu in this country, I can’t imagine what would happen.”

  • A senior health official in South Korea who is responsible for leading efforts against the coronavirus outbreak admitted to being a member of a doomsday church “cult” after contracting the virus.
  • The delay forced authorities to quarantine another 50 health officials at a time when medical resources are already stretched thin.
  • A police officer and an elementary school teacher also revealed that they believe in the Shincheonji Church of Jesus after being diagnosed with coronavirus.
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