Emirates Group has strong recovery but still losses $1 billion

The Emirates Group has posted its 2021-22 Annual Report which shows a strong recovery across its businesses but it suffered a loss of AED 3.8 billion (US$ 1.0 billion) for the year ending March 31, 2022, compared with an AED 22.1 billion (US$ 6.0 billion) loss last year.

The Group’s revenue was AED 66.2 billion (US$ 18.1 billion), an increase of 86 per cent over last year’s results. The Group’s cash balance was AED 25.8 billion (US$ 7.0 billion), up 30 per cent from last year mainly due to strong demand across its core business divisions and markets, triggered by read more ⇒

Source:: AirlineRatings.Com

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