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My husband and I are both freelancers with unpredictable incomes. Two years ago, we moved to an island off the coast of Seattle — here’s what a week of our typical spending looks like.

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  • Shannon Page and her husband are both full-time freelancers. That means their yearly income is pretty unpredictable.
  • They live on Orcas Island in Washington — they have a small mortgage, and covered their first three years of payments with their savings.
  • Below, Shannon shares how they spent their money in a week that included an out-of-town visitor, car repairs, and some overdue taxes.
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My husband and I are freelancers: I’m a 52-year-old writer, editor, and proofreader; Mark is a 62-year-old illustrator and writer. We had a financially stable life — a paid-for house, gym memberships, read more >>>

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