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Nepali officials reportedly may require climbers hoping to scale Mount Everest to prove their physical fitness, following a year that saw at least 11 people die on the mountain

Mount everest climbers

  • In the wake of a number of highly publicized fatalities on Mount Everest, the Nepal government reportedly may be preparing to overhaul the country’s climbing permit process.
  • The BBC reported Wednesday that a panel of mountaineering experts and Nepali officials produced a proposal to block inexperienced climbers and unethical mountaineering operators from the mountain.
  • The proposal would raise the climbing fee from $11,000 to $35,000 and require applicants to submit a certificate of physical fitness.
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Mount Everest is coming off of a deadly and controversial season, one that saw at least <a target="_blank" read more >>>

Source : BusinessInsider.Com

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