Today in Aviation: The Martin M-130’s First Flight

MIAMI – Today in Aviation, Pan American Airways’ Martin M-130, an all-metal, trans-Pacific flying boat, performed its maiden flight in 1934.

The Martin M-130 was a commercial flying boat designed and constructed for Pan American Airways by the Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1935. Three company built three M-130s: the China Clipper, the Philippine Clipper, and the Hawaii Clipper. By 1945, all aircraft had crashed.

The first trans-Pacific airmail route was flown on November 22, 1935, by the China Clipper, piloted by Captain Edwin C. Musick and First Officer R.O.D. Sullivan. A postmark, Scott Catalog C-20, was printed read more ⇒

Source:: “Airways Magazine”

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